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The Gunnison County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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Program Areas

Food Safety

Waitress serving foodFood safety is the monitoring of food to ensure that it will not cause disease.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), each year in the United States foodborne illnesses cause 48 million people to become sick, 128,000 people to be hospitalized, and 3,000 people to die.  This means 1 in 6 Americans will get a foodborne illness each year!  This costs the food service industry and the health care system billions of dollars each year.

Gunnison County Extension works to promote food safety and prevent foodborne illnesses by providing educational opportunities for both restaurants and members of the community.  Training opportunities available include ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification for restaurant managers and ServSafe® Food Handler Certification for other restaurant staff.  Look for current training opportunities on the Upcoming Classes tab.  Check out our Facebook page or the Resources tab for more information and resources on safe food preparation at home.

Health and Nutrition

Plate of healthy food

Gunnison County Extension aims to provide current health and nutrition information to help you become better informed and more motivated to achieve optimal health at every stage of your life.  Look for health and nutrition information and resources on our Facebook page, Live, Eat, Play, and Live Smart Colorado.




People counting coinsUnderstanding your finances can be a difficult endeavor. Gunnison County Extension strives to provide resources to help navigate through many aspects associated with personal finances, like personal budgeting, saving for retirement, investing, or financial decision-making.  Search the CSU Extension Family Financial Stability website to connect with resources or contact us if you’re interested in learning more about various class options.


Family Relationships

silhouette of family in a fieldGunnison County Extension seeks to support strong, healthy families because we know that healthy families produce thriving children and are the foundation of flourishing communities.  We do this by providing resources, educational materials, and training opportunities for kids, adults, families, and seniors.  Check out our Facebook page or the Resources tab to find more information and resources for your family.